the ballad of melissa mahoney

your very own beecharmer strikes again.

amanda palmer // “oasis”

off who killed amanda palmer

dir: michael pope

check it out on pitchfork


read more:


shoutout from afp

love from cho


4 responses to “the ballad of melissa mahoney

  1. Hi there;

    the title of this blog entry caught my eye; there is an old recording of this song labeled “the ballad of melissa mahoney.” i have been looking for it, and I was wondering if you had it.

  2. that’s actually the label i gave the live recording from a radio performance years ago…… it’s the same song though, just gone through some titling changes.

  3. eee, could you possibly send it to me? i would love to hear it o.o if it’s possible, my email address is

  4. im not sure.. arent there some kind of rules about sharing those things, im not really in that whole scene but i dont wanna get anyone in trouble..

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