there’s no such thing as autobiography.

3144bspacernico // frozen warnings

david bowie // we are the dead

marianne faithfull // boulevard of broken dreams

blondie // fade away & radiate

nick cave & the bad seeds // red right hand

laurie anderson // the dream before

spacerhey kids

i need a new place to host mp3s – something free.

help a brother out.



7 responses to “there’s no such thing as autobiography.

  1. A+++ lineup, my little sister. It’s like what Berlin sounds like whilst I’m dreaming.

  2. …….. “its like a little gay boy read a clockwork orange and went to sleep and had the CRAZIEST DREAM”

  3. also, best email/website.

  4. i love laurie anderson. but probably like let x=x and it tango best

  5. those are two of my favorites too… and ‘language is a virus’

  6. my mom used to play that album driving us through the new york countryside. i cant hear it and not think of those roads. kinda nice to be reminded

  7. there is only art & lies.

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