la roux.

[& not just because of her striking resemblance to tilda…. i promise]




in for the kill

reflections are protection



5 responses to “la roux.

  1. hah youre channeling fuschia’s ghost now

  2. fuchsia… groan ?

  3. yeah. i assumed she’s “dead”, as in, don’t know where she migrated to after uber kicked it. or am i pleasantly mistaken?

  4. how nice of you to look after our little ex-uber family. i don’t believe she’s migrated anywhere as of yet…….. COUSIN FUCHSIA IF YOU READ THIS PLZ CHIME IN.

  5. your choice reminded me of her taste. i’ve missed her stuff though i never got into porcupine tree that much. winter was good for a laugh mostly… whenever something of his’d come on it’d usually freak out my roommate “why are you listening to something about pussy so loud???” uh whatever

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