she ain’t trying to be the next messiah


spacermarina & the diamonds // mowgli’s road

ladyhawke // better than sunday

zeigeist // cuffsspacer


7 responses to “she ain’t trying to be the next messiah

  1. UNRELATED but this:

    is kinda hilarious. i love how she says “eets not a problem, i lyaze ee-round”

  2. Thanks for more Marina. I’m rockin the neighborhood with it now!

  3. o god, alizée…. that song truly is inane in english, isn’t it. not that the french is terribly profound to begin with ……

  4. A friend in Singapore says he uses this for blogging and sharing files. Don’t know if it would meet your demands but it’s the only response I’ve gotten so far. Good luck, ImOnE

  5. hmmm… what is the site ? that link doesn’t seem to be working for me. i appreciate you keeping my hosting needs in mind !

  6. Sorry, it took a while to get an answer back. I want to point out that I am not trying to promote this site. I read some supposed non-biased reviews and the worst they had to say, and I saw it myself, is that they can be a little shady when it comes to finding out all the terms of service. My friend uses it because it is unlimited file transfer. But not being that savvy myself I don’t know what other limitations you’d be looking at. It’s, and I believe it is at USD6.95 now. They had a free trial for a while and I think that is when I first heard of it. Thanks again for all the great music.

  7. Sorry AGAIN. Just saw you now have a hosting provided tag. Congrats on that!

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