something to look forward to

frequent readers may be aware of my fondness for julie doiron.
well – she’s got a new album coming out 03.10.09 on jagjaguwar.
keep an eye out for i can wonder what you did with your day;
in the meantime, enjoy the first single: consolation prize.spacerjuliedoironspacer

my previous two favorite doiron tracks:

+ yer kids

+ no more



3 responses to “something to look forward to

  1. whoa, fantastic! i hadn’t heard about her new album, it’s been a while. i hope this means she’ll tour the US… definitely one of my favourite singers as well 🙂

    the mp3s you posted seem to be down :”( but i picked up the “consolation prize” mp3 off of the jagjaguwar site, fun!

  2. scary… i’ll have to avoid that smiley in the future haha

  3. that smiley looks downright evil.

    re-uploaded the file…. i have a lot of catching up to do !

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