the submarines // waiting for a war

beirut // the concubine

richard swift // would you

jens lekman // you are the lightspacer


2 responses to “10h48

  1. hey beecharmer,
    I love this site and have gone on to buy more songs from several artists I ‘discovered’ here. Have you considered becoming a ho for Amazon (I think the technical term is Associate) so you could get a kickback to help w/bandwidth issues? I know it’s all capitalist, but I’d love for you to get a piece to help w/hosting costs. Every time I download songs from you, I feel guilty because I know you’re paying in some way.
    Anyway, thanks again for the songs.

  2. hey melissa,
    i actually just got an incredibly sweet & generous offer from First Dark, who is going to lend me space/bandwidth for a while — a lifesaver ! so, i won’t have to whore myself out just yet. i’ll keep that in mind for the future though, so thanks ! & i’m glad you’re enjoying the songs, & that you’re supporting the artists.


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