dance dance dance till you’re dead


yeah yeah yeahs // heads will roll
misstress barbara // dance me to the end of love
hearts of palm uk // i flow
harlem shakes // winter water
east hundred // slow burning crimes
neko case // people got a lotta nerve
shilpa ray & her happy hookers // coward cracked the dawn
heartless bastards // out at sea
fitz and the tantrums // breakin the chains of love



8 responses to “dance dance dance till you’re dead

  1. i love all the music that you post.. I need a lil help from you, i’ve been looking for this song for almost a year now but cant find it.. it’s from the movie “factory girl” … heres the link to the music

  2. it doesn’t sound familiar to me… i don’t know if this will be helpful ?

  3. Somehow I had never really heard Neko Case before. Guess I was missing something. First few minutes I could have been persuaded it was Kirsty MacColl. Thanks again for introducing me to someone new (to me).

  4. im glad you like it ! i was iffy about her earlier stuff, but i’m really digging middle cyclone.

  5. PreyTheMonkey

    shilpa ray has such a great voice.
    Have to hear the song again and again.
    Thanks for posting her.
    Never heard her before….
    Guess I will visit your site more often as from now to check out more of the great music you can get here.
    Maybe you can post some other songs with female voices like that?…I realy enjoy….

  6. thebeecharmer

    hey, glad you like it. i’ll probably put up some more of her stuff… if you like her voice, i’d definitely recommend checking out heartless bastards (one song is in this post, but you can find more if you use the little search thing on the right).

  7. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s so cool

  8. thebeecharmer

    hey, no problem..

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