weeks at a time & when she


neko case // the next time you say forever

mirah // generosity

julie doiron // tailor

anna ternheim // losing you

lily allen // straight to hell (w/ mick jones)



5 responses to “weeks at a time & when she

  1. Look for the new album out next week by personal heroe Marianne Faithfull. She covers Neko Case’s “Hold On, Hold On”. I’ll forward a copy as soon as I score one.

  2. thanks – i’ve actually had that album for a few months now, and i love that cover – i posted it back in november, though it’s not available right now (i’m quite backlogged on reuploading all the old files).

  3. Forgot about those sneaky euro releases. I am downloading both cds. Seems like there is a lot of potential there.

  4. i can’t believe all the great releases right now. i was just lamenting this winter about how long it had been since mirah put out a new album, and lo and behold! here is an awesome new one.

    thanks for the tracks!

  5. it just came out today, if i’m not mistaken.

    glad you like it ! x

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