i think i am going up



pj harvey & john parish // black hearted love
st. vincent // all my stars aligned
anna ternheim // bridges
aimee mann // you could make a killing
grouper // false horizon
antony & bryce dessner // i was young when i left home
goldfrapp // a&e
polly scattergood // other too endless
erika wennerstrom (heartless bastards) // searching for the ghost (acoustic)


i think i may rise —
the beads of hot metal fly, and i, love, i



4 responses to “i think i am going up

  1. my dear, oh dear, the links seem to be down on this one?

  2. hm. they didn’t work for me last night, but they are now? guess this is a sign that i should just do all my interneting at work.

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