come closer and see / see into the trees



cocteau twins // carolyn’s fingers
goldfrapp // time out from the world
björk // it’s in our hands
lise westzynthius // long dark night of the soul
my brightest diamond // disappear
bat for lashes // moon and moon
katie stelmanis // in my favour
pj harvey // silence
lovers // ginger
anna ternheim // china girl
paavoharju // sumuvirsi
grouper // heavy water/i’d rather be sleeping


6 responses to “come closer and see / see into the trees

  1. just the playlist i was looking for! excellent title and photo choices too :3

  2. thank you ! i’m very happy you like it… i tried to think of what i would want to hear if i was in a forest with a full moon and this is pretty much how i envisaged it. it went through several revisions. i take these things seriously ! 🙂

  3. oh god they make those smileys look so terrifying. i meant it to look much, much more harmless, i promise.

  4. haha yeah, that thing’s freaking me out!

    oh geez, a moonlit forest… perfect : )

  5. coincidentally i absentmindedly just put in a cure cd i have and now it’s playing ‘a forest’ hehe

    • perfect ! i was going to put bat for lashes’ cover of “a forest” on there but i thought it might be toooooo obvious haha

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