everyone i know is losing their minds

yeah but everyone i know has a really good time



great northern // story
theoretical girl // rivals
voxtrot // trepanation party
phoenix // fences
cale parks // places we’ve created



5 responses to “everyone i know is losing their minds

  1. wow, I’m really glad I found this blog. it’s delightful! I really liked your idea and I gotta say I’m already loving some of the songs. 🙂 plus, may I ask where you find such beautiful pictures?

  2. (ps: creepy smile unintencional)

    • all the smileys come out creepy…. i wish i could end that.

      i steal the pictures from all across the internet… i keep meaning to get better at marking where i found them, but i end up saving them to my computer and using later and forgetting, etc. will make note to make better effort in the future.

      & hey, thanks for reading !

  3. huwaa….yes i am.. i love some of your songs… and i;m gonna love for the rest of them…
    keep writing bee charmer.. -i’ll make sure to keep read it all-

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