anna ternheim // let it rain

sparklehorse ft. pj harvey // piano fire

the national  // you’ve done it again, virginia

dirty three ft. cat power // great waves

radiohead // fake plastic trees

bill callahan // faith/void

karen dalton // little bit of rain



11 responses to “tuesday

  1. randomly found this when looking for a few things on elbo.ws. i absolutely love your site! you have great taste in music and the pictures are lovely.

  2. Ditto to above comment. I was searching for more Florence & The Machine music and found you. So glad I did. I’ve bookmarked it. TONS of great things. Thank you.

    • thanks ! just took a quick peek at your blog & it does seem we have a lot of the same tastes. i’ll be following it on the googlereader ! xx

  3. looks like the beginning of a beutiful friendship

  4. check out bon iver, mates of state, angus and julie stone, the bird and the bee, camille. thought you may like these.

  5. i love your blog, great music 🙂 thankyou! x

  6. I’ve quietly been loving your blog for a few months now… it even made it onto my very exclusive bookmark bar.

    Your musical taste and choice is excellent, and I do like the format of an image and some music.

    Do you know Anya Marina? if not, do check her out

    [audio src="http://www.archive.org/download/anyamarina2007-09-29.at831.flac16/anyamarina2007-09-29t10_vbr.mp3" /]

    • thebeecharmer

      thank you ! & funny you should mention her…… i had her lined up for my next post, probably coming atcha tomorrow am. x x

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