new regina spektor !



check out a track off her upcoming album, far:

regina spektor // laughing with


(& no one’s laughing at god when there’s a famine fire or flood)



27 responses to “new regina spektor !

  1. Fantastic! Thank you.

  2. yeah, this is awesome.

    i just ripped it from her myspace 🙂

  3. I never really liked her stuff before, but this changed it all. Cheers! x

    • thebeecharmer

      wow, never liked it ? i have some tracks that could change your mind i’m sure. can i ask what it is about this track that you like better ?

      • Hmmm, I don’t really know… I heard “Fidelity” and found it annoying – not now! – and then the duet with The Strokes – that I found good. Thanks for the offer, kind lady, but I already got all of her stuff. Have a good one! x

  4. This was kind of a let down? Didn’t dig it. Will think about listening again sometime, when I’m not playing decent music.

    • thebeecharmer

      i like it…… wait for some of the other cuts off this album, there are a few really stellar ones. this is an odd choice for a lead single maybe, but the album should be Good.

  5. aw whaaat? have you heard the new album?

  6. i’m already addicted. and to this blog too

  7. so obsessed with her. do you have any particular recommendations off soviet kitsch? i know begin to hope by heart, but all i have from kitsch are the flowers, poor little rich boy, and us (all of which i adore).

  8. by the way, i’m really into this song. it’s so true.

  9. AMAZING! thank you! i’m gonna get right down to listening to these!

  10. Oops, I’m not sure how to make them work. But I can probably locate them on my own . . . thanks again for the recommendations.

    • thebeecharmer

      highlight the whole link – copy, paste into a new browser window, and the file should load. then go to file, save as, and you can save the file to your hard drive.

  11. [audio src="–%20ode%20to%20divorce.mp3" /]

    doesn’t work, nor does

    [audio src="–odetodivorce.mp3" /]

  12. weird. it does work there, but not when i paste it into a browser. i suck.


  14. [audio src="–%20sailor%20song.m4a" /]

    [audio src="–%20chemo%20limo.m4a" /]

    [audio src="–%20somedays.m4a" /]

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