sending consolation prizes to my next of kin



regina spektor // folding chair

anni rossi // machine

st. vincent // laughing with a mouth of blood

alina simone // special reason

anna ternheim // damaged ones **

el perro del mar // i gotta get smart *

spacer1* this comes to you as recommended by anna**,
love is not pop came out 1 apr in sweden,
buy it if you like it please. x


7 responses to “sending consolation prizes to my next of kin

  1. Thanks for the tunes…

  2. I bet you heard it before but your taste in music is jolly good, woman… this blog made me like Ms. Spektor & Ms. Ternheim.

    • thebeecharmer

      well thank you ! they are sweet people & wonderful musicians & i’m glad to help spread the word. x

  3. Hi. I just wanted to let you know how much your site means to me. I love the layout and the graphics that you find, I look forward to every post. The music is as if I had my own personal DJ picking out the latest tracks and old friends for me. I so look forward to the commute home because I know I have a new mix from you waiting on the iPhone ready to go. AND knowing that it contains the gamut from Regina Spektor to Anna Ternheim to Marianne Faithfull makes me long for the clock to hit 5:30. I don’t know what you receive for all your work besides personal satisfaction and an outlet for your artistic expression, but I hope one day it all really pays off for you. Thank you so much! John
    PS: And it was through you that I was introduced to the work of AFP that I otherwise probably never would have come across. I’ve become devoted to her and to your site.

    • thebeecharmer

      sorry it took me so long to write back — thank you so much, that’s so great to hear ! i’m glad there are people out there who are digging what i’m digging…… i don’t get any kind of compensation for doing this but if you’d like to send me a pony, i’ll give you my address. x x

  4. Sorry that was so long. I swear I am not a creepy stalker.

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