back by popular demand

more new regina !


regina spektor // blue lips [off far]

& for comparison :

regina spektor // blue lips [live @ tonic, 10.16.04]


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4 responses to “back by popular demand

  1. Okay, once this kicked in I could dig it more than her wanking over God laughing at famine or whatever that song was about. If the album is more like this, then I’ll stop my bitching.

    • thebeecharmer

      oh, you know you’ll love it in the end. or i shall be forced to cross the Seas and deliver you 1 (one) punch to the teeth.

      • I’ve left the two versions on repeat and I’m hooked. It’s got the same… mesmerism… as Have To Drive does. Or other songs that I can’t think of right now.

        Although me talking shit about it would kind of be worth it (the punch too), just to have you cross the Seas.

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