hey you, blog-reader.
look what i added on that little sidebar –>
that’s right, it’s my twitter.
do you use twitter too ? if so, let’s try a little experiment.
follow me, & comment here with your twittername if you do so.

the first 10 new followers will (over time, 10’s a lot of mixes) get a personalized mix to a theme of their choosing.

the 20th follower will get to write a guest-post (as approved by me),

and the 30th follower will get something special. maybe a pony. we’ll think of something.

ready ?


spread the love. xo


the go! team // friendship update

camera obscura // i need all the friends i can get



46 responses to “contest

  1. I use it to read more than post, but @ellenburchett.

  2. I’m @stepliana 😀

  3. I’ve just joined Twitter, whoo hoo. x

  4. @Rippytweets

  5. @meshellrawl

  6. From Amanda P to Becca D


  7. I am roboterkampf on the ‘ol Twitterz. New music is always good. Excited!

  8. love the blog… @LifeAsBrian on twitter!

  9. This is a great idea – came here through AFP, looking forward to what comes next. Kitsune9 in the Twitter Universe.

  10. @Spiderleaves

  11. i am following you…that seems so creepy…excellent site tho…thanx AFP for sending me here…

  12. Really love your site. I’m sure that I will enjoy following you. Thanks AFP!
    Very nice to meet you!

  13. Very nice to meet you! I’m sure I will love following you. Love the site. Thanks AFP!

  14. Me – @postculturist
    AFP made me too. Good to meet you.

  15. Following!

    Twitter = gamberlane

  16. Following! your site is gorgeous. Love the music and the pictures. ❤

    my twitter name is "gothicgunslingr" 🙂

    again, thanks AFP!

  17. Yay! Hi!!! @littlefitz

  18. Ah dangit, I’m late, and I wanted a pony too 😦

  19. now, by theme you mean?

  20. @batarde
    Too late! D:

  21. @legako

    I believe I found you via AFP as well. Your taste in music is most excellent!

  22. A PS in two parts – Thanks for introducing me to Bat For Lashes AND — last Monday night I saw St. Vincent in concert for the second time, at a theatre in Portland called The Aladdin. I was thrilled because I was on vacation from the east coast and Annie isn’t doing an east coast tour in my neck of the woods this year. She is amazingly talented. It is great to see someone else who totally adores her music.

    • becca darling

      i actually think you’re follower #20 – so you get to make a guest post if you like ! you up for it ? otherwise you can request a customized mix as well.

      glad you’re digging BFL & st vincent – they both rock. xo

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