contest mix: no. 1

this is the first of ten mixes i’m making for you, dear readers who won my little twitter contest.

this one goes out to ellen,

theme: summer & riding bikes & watermelon.

here we go.

eggleston_woman_on_swingspacer1frente! // labour of love
elizabeth & the catapult // momma’s boy
festival // valentine
rilo kiley // the frug
margot & the nuclear so & so’s // skeleton key
maritime // parade of punk rock t-shirts
fredrik // black fur

bonus:  john lennon // watching the wheels (acoustic)



4 responses to “contest mix: no. 1

  1. William Eggleston’s a good photographer.
    I like these songs, even though they’re not – especially – for me; my favourite’s the Elizabeth & the Catapult one. xo

  2. Okay, life has been crazy (end of the school year as an elementary school teacher = zillions of hours of work!), but I went ahead and made myself a little mix to listen to them & love them – especially the ones by people with ampersands in their names (not for that reason, just by coincidence).

    Thank you so sincerely! You’ve made Open House prep a little more tolerable! 🙂

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