i only have eyez for you

oh love please tell me

you’re watching me too



spacer1brand new tracks off cocorosie’s new coconuts, plenty of junk food EP

cocorosie // happy eyez

cocorosie // coconuts



5 responses to “i only have eyez for you

  1. Thx Becca…downloading now, love this band.

    • becca darling

      they’re one of my top 10 for sure. hope you like those tracks…. lemme know & i can send you the whole EP (shh).

  2. it’s been a while! my earz are delighted to hear new material :3

    • becca darling

      i knooow ! this is a special tour-only EP, there’s gonna be a new full-length soon (not soon enough)

  3. Joseph City = ❤
    I'm in love with them all over again.
    thank you for letting these available for everybody to enjoy. the should be more cocorosie in the world (:

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