happy birthday, cyndi !

i know, i never post twice in a day, but i couldn’t let cyndi lauper’s birthday go by un-blogged.

TCFavs0419[photo from cyndi’s birthday 2k7]

first, a few favorites.

hole in my heart
money changes everything
all through the night
change of heart
grab a hold
set your heart

next: some photos from a past cyndibday celebration.





6 responses to “happy birthday, cyndi !

  1. I like her voice!

    P.S.: Is that really her? If so, awesome thing.

    • you mean is that her in the pictures ? yes indeed…. we threw her a birthday party in the craft services room & this is some of the photographic evidence that survived.

  2. Groovy! She must be a cool chick, bless ‘er.

  3. girl…that’s not cindy…the woman in the pic is deborah harris…(blondie)

  4. i mean, on the first pic šŸ™‚

    • first of all, their names are CYNDI and deborah HARRY, if you’re going to get on a high horse about it — at least know who you’re talking about. second of all, i was there, i know them both, it’s a picture from the party we threw for cyndi, as i wrote underneath the picture. so calm down.

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