un peu à tout vent

ee1a8f05ab17db9f50c832a174756fd1spacercharles aznavour // emmenez-moi

gilbert bécaud // je reviens te chercher

juliette gréco // si tu t’imagines

charles trenet // que reste-t’il de nos amours

serge gainsbourg // la javanaise



10 responses to “un peu à tout vent

  1. ahh Aznavour, ton gout est vraiment excellent…

    I also highly recommend a fun little song called Mes Emmerdes by Charles

  2. Now this is more like it!

    • becca darling

      thought you’d like this one. i’m contemplating early 20s-30s french chanson for another post….

  3. And pretty please for me, Je T’Aime (Moi Non Plus) by Viscious Pink Phenomena.

    I told my dentist about your site, he of the aspirin cures all, belief. This week I got Vicodin. Does it mean I owe you half?

  4. *ImOnE* if you can find any Vicious Pink mp3 I would be ever grateful, it’s fairly rare… I can’t even buy it on iTunes, though I’m sure we have a totally wrecked vinyl of Cccan’t you see somewhere

  5. Sweeeeet, thanks so much becca!

  6. Ma chere Becca,

    Mon coeur est libre car le soleil comme je plus dois ne payer le vinyle à la traduction mp3.
    Beaucoup de mercis, *ImOnE*

  7. Finally found Je T’aime, a funked up danceable version of Serge and Jane’s tune. Can’t find the mp3, I will have to pay to transfer but here’s a link to it. You have to imagine Paris, 1984, your table at The Boy with Vanessa Paradis sitting next to you, trying to figure out if The Queen or Les Bains Douches would be next.

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