a heart that hurts is a heart that works

happy birthday to juliana hatfield

spacerjuliana bdayspacerselected favorites from over the years….

blake babies // cesspool
blake babies // brain damage
blake babies // temptation eyes
juliana hatfield // swan song
juliana hatfield // my sister
juliana hatfield // spin the bottle
juliana hatfield // universal heartbeat
juliana hatfield // the fact remains
juliana hatfield // this lonely love
juliana hatfield // law of nature
juliana hatfield // trying not to think about it

(if you like it, donate ! to juliana)


4 responses to “a heart that hurts is a heart that works

  1. Sorry my dear – I have to get to it later! But I appreciate your efforts and will enjoy it thoroughly, I have NO doubt.

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  3. i am so thankful for this. the juliana song you posted awhile ago – it’s only rock n roll, the stones cover – is my ANTHEM now. xoxoxoxo

    • thank you so much — i love her cover of it, she changes it so much & makes it really beautiful i think. & thank you for reading ! x

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