oh england, my leotard

happy birthday, kate bush !

(this video must be seen to be believed.)


wuthering heights
strange phenomena
james & the cold gun
there goes a tenner
pull out the pin
suspended in gaffa
get out of my house
running up that hill
hounds of love
jig of life
them heavy people
army dreamers
this woman’s work
rocket man


4 responses to “oh england, my leotard

  1. It’s hard for me to watch videos of Kate Bush without thinking she’s Rita Rudner and thinking “she’s trying to be funny!”.

    “Wow” was the first Kate Bush song I heard, and still my favorite for the mere ridiculousness of it.

    • becca darling

      i almost posted that one too, but i was getting a bit out of control & thought it best to limit it.

      this is probably my favorite of kate bush’s videos, though it’s hard to beat donald sutherland in ‘cloudbusting’, or her mother’s cameo appearance in ‘suspended in gaffa’, or really just the sheer magnificence of the wuthering heights dance.

      oh kate.

  2. She comes out of nowhere with a ukulele!

    Then attacks you with a wind machine!

    Then she’s in a spacesuit!

    Then she’s conducting the cosmos!

    She must be scary as all Hell in the meetings where she delivers her ideas on what do put in her music videos. It’s the only way that I can justify them actually getting approved.

  3. Too bad she just never got the recognition she deserved in the US. Every wind machine locally and on the continent must have been borrowed for the last scenes. Thanks!

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