rip it up, live it down

spacerhappy birthday to kristin hersh !



some favorites over the years –

throwing muses // not too soon
throwing muses // counting backwards
throwing muses // bright yellow gun
throwing muses // portia
throwing muses // hook in her head
50 foot wave // vena cava
50 foot wave // pretty ugly
50 foot wave // hot pink, distorted
kristin hersh // a cleaner light
kristin hersh // white suckers
kristin hersh // in shock
kristin hersh // under the gun
kristin hersh // your ghost
kristin hersh // the letter
kristin hersh // me and my charms


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4 responses to “rip it up, live it down

  1. you’re an angel…very sweet of you — thanks for the wishes…


    • i can’t believe you found my little blog (how did you?!) & took the time to comment… it means so much to me ! i hope you had a wonderful birthday & if you’d like me to take any of these songs down just say the word…


  2. Ah…I love it when my youth has returned. I was so in love with this band! I was certain I would be married to Leslie Langston by now.

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