guest post : patti plinko !

the machine is restored, & this post, as promised,

comes to you courtesy of the inimitable ms patti plinko.

listen to one of her tunes from her latest disc, bohemian suicide:

patti plinko & her boy // ‘hey ho!’ deepest of the darkest


& then check out the mix she put together for me & you :

edith piaf // padam, padam
odetta // water boy
kate bush // under the ivy
the velvet underground // venus in furs
barbra streisand // a sleepin bee
the rolling stones // lady jane
camille o’sullivan // marieke
gillian welch // i want to sing that rock and roll


she is lovely. find her on the internets here, here, or even here !


9 responses to “guest post : patti plinko !

  1. wow, loving patti’s music as well :3

  2. this is gonna be my birthday present from you. love it!

  3. This mix is so very divine. I adore it!

  4. Saw these guys at the Fringe this year… definately worth checking out!

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