there are roses that come without seeking

basia bulat // gold rush

basia bulat // go on

basia bulat // heart of my own


basia bulat // true love will find you in the end


9 responses to “there are roses that come without seeking

  1. I’ve never hear of Basia Bulat before, but I love her! She’s got just enough of that smokey Appalachian sound without losing her own voice to it. Thank you so much for sharing her; I can’t wait to pick up the album!

  2. Yeah thanks!! I’m enjoying it too. She’s got a really great sound. Also looking forward to the album!!!

    Wondered if anyone had heard of Richie Syrett – or Quite taken with this guy’s material!

  3. Just lovely! You’ve got me -I’m a new fan!
    Happy Birthday, by the way.

  4. A quand les nouveaux articles ? 🙂

  5. y’en aura bientôt, promis juré !!!

  6. Olly Olly oxen free! Please come back soon. I have a huge crush on your blog. I miss your musical insights. And your lovely photographs. 🙂 Please return soon.

  7. last night, i saw her live for the first time. she was PERFECT.

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