in the pocket of winter

here it is : my very first donor post, created with the inspiration & help of @estrella_mar. he was the first to donate & help save this here blog from the depths of internet obscurity… i hope this post holds up my end of the bargain, ryan. xo

cocorosie // smokey taboo
anna ternheim // my heart still beats for you
caithlin de marrais // voicemail
aimee mann // calling on mary
bill callahan // eid ma clack shaw
cat power // wild is the wind
alela diane // white as diamonds
alina simone // siberia
casey dienel // tundra
erika wennerstrom // searching for the ghost (acoustic)
florence & the machine // halo


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One response to “in the pocket of winter

  1. I love the post!! You very much captured the feeling of winter I described. It’s like a landscape in song. Thank you so much!! It’s really great to have the bee charmer back ❤ ❤

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