like a heartbeat drives you mad


 the kills // dreams

(fleetwood mac)



3 responses to “like a heartbeat drives you mad

  1. Amanda told me that you had left us. I cried. You brought us love and vulnerability, you bled for us and we are so much richer for your having shared with us in this fucked up world.

    Love to you wherever you are, or if you are. I am throwing this out to you across the now world to the past world and maybe the future world, and definitely the spirit worlds, if the are.

    Sleep well becca darling,

  2. That ,John, was one of the most beautiful comments i ever found on the netz…

  3. Years ago I was following this blog on and off, I get here after the longest time, years actually, in fact I was trying to remember it’s name, this was a dear place at lonely times, and i read this post and now I also look at the date. My god, internet is the most random thing. Hope time has healed wounds :/

    Another Smithie

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