monkey on your back, you feel just fine.


i fought the law… and the law won.

“Ruin” and “Cherokee” (and now including a Nicolas Jaar remix) are available as downloads / embeddable streams from  … for further info on the new album, check-out Cat Power’s official web-site, as well as the label’s site and YouTube  channel at and  …  and keep an eye on these official sources for details of further news, preview material, videos and on-line promotions. 

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11 responses to “monkey on your back, you feel just fine.

  1. psst. oh bee charmah, bee charmah! can i be gifted in the emails? the law won before i could get to it. 😦 — j

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  3. A shame. This blog has introduced me to new artists and reintroduced me to artists I had heard from before but didn’t give any time to, and has led me to purchase many records. So this is a two-pronged comment:
    1 – I get protecting income, I do. However the risk is locking up works so tightly that they don’t reach anyone. Cat Power is a fine example, for me – I’d heard songs on the radio years back and wrote CP into the ‘not for me’ basket, however following repeated listens to bee charmer mixes, I’ve taken an interest in CP and have purchased several of her records.
    2 – I’ve had a long held intention to email Becca in thanks for introducing me to so many wonderful songs and so many wonderful artists, like Antony and the Johnsons, whom I have had the honour of seeing in concert several times now. I’m sorry to say this too late. Too late but I want to say it regardless. Thank you Becca, you’ve brought so much beauty into a strangers life. So fucking thank you.

  4. how will I discover such perfect music without Becca Darling? Thank you for the music, lovely lady. Sweet dreams. x

  5. Dear Becca,

    I can’t believe you’re gone.
    For the past 3 years I have soaked up the music that you so generously offered on this wonderful blog of yours. The phrase “songs you don’t like yet but you will soon” has become part of my daily vocabulary. While I was being sucked into all kinds of wonderful music I feel that I also got to know tiny bits and pieces about yourself. (I remember laughing like a crazy person when I realized that YOU’RE Melissa Mahoney from Amanda’s Oasis clip. Back then it felt like the biggest coincidence in the world…)
    It’s strange to think that this exciting “Becca Darling is gonna introduce me to some music!”-feeling that I always had whenever you had updated your blog is in the past now. Although I didn’t know much about you I feel like I will miss you.
    You have bemused, intrigued and amazed me. You have made my day with nothing but a song. You have shaped my taste in music.

    Thank you.

  6. Thank you Becca for the wit, the rantings, but most of all for the music. You are missed terribly.

  7. How did Becca Darling (née Rosenthal) pass away? It isn’t mentioned anywhere, in anyone’s blogs or even in the press. What happened to her?

    • in case you’re still wanting to know, read this.
      this is the worst possible circumstance to have been introduced to an amazing person (in my case), but very powerful

    • The truth has never been released in the two years since her death, but I believe her final Instagram/Tweet says it all. Becca studied French Film. Knowing Becca well, it is clear the caption was referential.

      • If you’re suggesting suicide because her last post mentioned the word “bridge”, you couldn’t be more wrong. Becca died at her parents’ house in her sleep from bad interaction between medicine she was taking for her health, her heart failed.

  8. nice pictures and awesome music!

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