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& wouldn’t you love to love her




best coast // rhiannon (fleetwood mac)



dreams unwind / love’s a state of mind.


come with me, go places

the beecharmer’s summer mix, v. 2k11

jj // let them
austra // lose it
clare maguire // shield and sword
i blame coco // please rewind
metric // waves
blondie // mother
the kills // last day of magic
iggy pop // candy (ft. kate pierson)
eleanor friedberger // my mistakes
the shivers // used to be
best coast // gone again
the new pornographers // go places
priory // lady of late
warpaint // undertow
jean ferrat // c’est beau la vie


[or download the zip of all songs here]


with your diamond heart

lykke li // will you still love me tomorrow (shirelles cover)

best coast // when i’m with you

holly miranda // forest green oh forest green

beach house // norway

the big pink // sweet dreams (beyoncé cover)