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rip it up, live it down

spacerhappy birthday to kristin hersh !



some favorites over the years –

throwing muses // not too soon
throwing muses // counting backwards
throwing muses // bright yellow gun
throwing muses // portia
throwing muses // hook in her head
50 foot wave // vena cava
50 foot wave // pretty ugly
50 foot wave // hot pink, distorted
kristin hersh // a cleaner light
kristin hersh // white suckers
kristin hersh // in shock
kristin hersh // under the gun
kristin hersh // your ghost
kristin hersh // the letter
kristin hersh // me and my charms


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a criminal in your prayer



marianne faithfull w/ cat power // hold on, hold on (neko case cover)

kristin hersh // under the gun

st. vincent // save me from what i want

the shivers // cheree (suicide cover)

metric // london halflife

cocorosie // tekno love song


when i taste the angel


kristin hersh // white suckers
st. vincent // the bed
marissa nadler // ghosts and lovers
jared van fleet // weeping willow (sebastian schuller cover)
lands & peoples // awake
pj harvey // liverpool tide (white chalk b-side)
the naked hearts // call me
antony & the johnsons // kiss my name
cat power w/ handsome boy modeling school // i’ve been thinking


with a valium from the bride


cat power // it’s alright to fail
pj harvey // as close as this (stories from the city b-side)
kristin hersh // me & my charms (strings version)
juliana hatfield // trying not to think about it
fiona apple // why try to change me now


ceci n’est pas un pistolet


st. vincent // actor out of work

kristin hersh // a cleaner light

pj harvey // memphis [for jeff buckley]