she’ll break her her own heart

& you know
that she’ll break your heart too

patronsaintspacerregina spektor // patron saint

so darling let go of her hand



11 responses to “she’ll break her her own heart

  1. Wow, I haven’t heard this one before. Very beautiful, but also sad. I hope true love isn’t a lost cause.

  2. True love does not exist in my book.

    Becca, thanks for ‘making’ me like her songs.

  3. Tell more about this page. I don’t understand?

  4. can you please tell me where yo gto this image and how they made it?

    • i found it on & then tweaked it a little…. i can’t find the original right now, but if you poke around there maybe you can find it….

  5. A sense of magic and wonder is often enough to inspire.

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